The Enchanted Crystal

Colour Therapy Glasses

We receive 90% of our information through our eye. Therefore when we wear a certain colour of lenses in eyeware, we are able to see and feel the world through colour.  By wearing the Colour Energy Glasses the distribution of energy and harmony in the body is influenced (directly by that colour) since the colour acts through the eye instantly upon our body`s physical, mental and emotional system. Colour Therapy eyeware assists in your overall wellbeing.

Colour Therapy Glasses are available in Regular Glasses and Large Over the Glasses 

They are all 400 UV Protection

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered but not yet paid for a product, we guarantee the price for one month from when the order was placed.

Red - Power

Drive & Vitality * Fights Fatigue

Stands for energy, will endurance.  Increases passions and our conscious experiences and feelings.  Strongly activates the vitality.  Heart, blood pressure and breathing rhythms will be stimulated.  Can be reviving and strengthening.  Use for colds, rheumatic complaints, gout, and metabolic disorders.

Orange - Enthusiasm

Zest for Life * Alleviates Depression

The colour of happiness, gaiety and sociability.  Brings about feeling of enthusiasm and humour.  Use for depression, pessimism, and emotional weekness.  Conveys feels of security.  Strength provider for emotional exhaustion.  Helps to activate the lower digestive system and support the body`s own defenses.  Idea for sports use and increasing contrast and visual acuity.

Yellow - Concentration

Mental Awareness * Increases Visibility

Enhances a positive attitude.  Yellow activates the brain, strengthens the nerves and relieves eyestrain.  Improves concentration and perception (driving, reading, sport, etc.) Foster learning and memorizing ability.  Acts by reassuring the emotions and supporting the upper digestive system.  Outstanding visibility and increased focus makes them ideal sport glasses.

Green - Balance

Harmonizes Body, Mind & Soul

Spiritual, mental and physical harmony is stimulated from the inside.  Dissolves emotional areas of tension Promotes qualities like a helpfulness, tolerance, compassion and contentment.  Balances the whole metabolism and respiratory System, increases stamina and calming traumas and agitation.  It gathers strength and brings healing.  Relaxes without tiring.

Turquoise - Regeneration

Clarity * Strengthen Immune System

Turquoise has inflammation inhibiting properties suitable for allergy relief (hay fever).  Cools and refreshes aid clear linguistic expression and heart centered understanding and compassion.  Acts through harmonizing the thyroid gland and is valued for neutralization of electro smog pollution.  Support regeneration after physical effort.

Blue - 


Calming * Relaxation * Ease Migraines

Blue stands for inner peace and serenity.  Relieves headaches and agitation.  Alleviates crams and relaxes muscles.  Blue is known to lower blood pressure and reduce pain patterns.  Leads to relaxed breathing and a balanced heart rhythm.

Indigo - Intuition

Deep Understanding * Inner Peace

Creates deep relaxation and inner peace.  Clears emotions and thoughts and heightens the journey toward intuition.  Harmonizes irregular breathing caused by excitement and over activity (e.g. reduces exhaustion, fever and neuritis.)  Equalizes eyes, ears, nose and irregularities.  Promotes positive thoughts and has the ability to be broaden consciousness.

Violet - Inspiration

Meditation*Increase Inspiration

The healing colour of the spirit.  Creates distance to the daily routine and promotes change on the inside.  Open the consciousness for non-material and spiritual experiences. Regenerates and harmonizes psychical unbalances.  Violet stand for tolerance, compassion and care.  Promotes creativity and intuition.  Painkilling properties (migraine).  Sleep enticing.  For meditation.

Magenta - Regulation

Self-Identity * Optimism

Magenta helps reduce physical stress.  Gives new energies to states of exhaustion or burn-out-syndrome.  Helps you to find your own centre.  Harmonizes emotional fluctuations, disharmonies and depressive dispositions.  Promotes tranquility and increases optimism.  Strengthens medial abilities and intensifies the integration of mind and spirit.

Pink - Unconditional Love

Removes Aggression*Spiritually Uplifting

Pink is the colour of Universal Love.  If you are disconnected from other human beings - you are disconnected from yourself!  Allow the beautiful pink ray to help you understand your purpose in life and reconnect you to all that exists.  Unconditional love for others and one's self are the focus when viewing life through rose coloured glassed.