The Enchanted Crystal

Chakra Light Essences

Colour Energy's essences are living energies of specialty herbs and essential oils.  Chakra Light Essences are additionally charged through an Alchemy process using the healing power of crystalline structures, geometric patterns, cosmic vibrations, planetary frequencies, sound and colour.  Chakra Light Essences have been designed to open your energy centre so they are functioning actively, radiantly and strongly.

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered but not yet paid for a product, we guarantee the price for one month from when the order was placed.

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

Red Essence

Connects you to Earth & Matter

The Red Essence will strengthen your primal and survival instincts which are necessary in making decisions and accomplishing daily challenges. When the foundation of your energy is strong it will benefit all your other energy centres. Also helps to release past issues.

Orange Essence

Connects you to the Present Moment

The Orange Essence will connect your body, mind and spirit, bringing them into synergy so you can feel what it means to be in the now. Your cells and organs can only live in the now! It is only the play of your mind that tries to bring you away from it, into the past or the future. It is only in the present moment that you can be who you really are. This Essence connects us to our creative forces and makes us feel alive.

Yellow Essence

Connects you to Mental Power

The Yellow Essence will balance your mental mind with your emotional energy and bring any unbalance back in harmony again. It will release mental stress and energize the digestive system. Elevates your optimism and helps to stimulate your self-assurance to build more self-esteem.

Green Essence

Connects you to Divine Love

This nature Green Essence will connect you to your body to aid in the expression of self-love. The most important factor in self-healing is loving yourself. If you do not care for yourself, you and your body will be separated; as the body cannot understand why you do not love its perfect "machinery" of organs and cells. This Essence will also give you a better overall balance and integrated of other energies.

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

Blue Essence

Connects you to Creative Expression

This Blue Essence will connect you to the throat area, giving energy to your self-expression and your ability to communicate your thoughts. The throat is very sensitive to your self-expressions and it is vulnerable to deviations from the truth. The Blue Essence will help stimulate your self-confidence to the truthful.

Indigo Essence

Connects you to your Inner Wisdom

The Indigo Essence will help you open your inner consciousness, intuitive knowledge and connect you to universal wisdom. Your inner and hidden reality.... a world not bound by time and space, where dreams reflect other dimensions and where all creative energy lies latent for you to discover. The Indigo Essence will help you find the inner you.

Violet Essence

Connects you to Divine Light

The Violet Essence enlightens you to the overall reason why you are here on Earth. Your destiny is directly linked to your own awakening as a spiritual being. This Essence unites you to the cosmic energy and your identity as a human being in the image of God. The increased spiritual awareness will bring you great peace and the sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Turquoise Essence

Connects to Body and Mind

Connects your body and mind to their Spiritual Needs. This Turquoise Essence will help you to understand that your body and mind must be in balance so that your soul, or spirit being, can be revealed to you. This Essence will also help you to balance your emotions, your mind and lift you up to the level of knowing your true self and your soul's purpose.

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

$25.00 / 10 ml

Pink Essence

Connects you to your Life Purpose

This Pink Essence will help give you the clarity to understand your life purpose and ho you can achieve this within your own reality. This essence will help you to; assess your own progress; increase your perception of Astral energy; dissolve the ego barrier to understand your true identity; and assist in achieving greater attunement with Universal Divine Love.

Magenta Essence

Connects you to Cosmic Energies

This Magenta Essence will bring you in contact with the cosmic energy, which is far beyond the earthly plane. This Essence will: promote a deeper self-confidence through self-identity; help you to open up for channeling; and create a willingness in you to serve in altruistic ways.

Gold Essence

Connects you to the Yang Principle

This Gold Essence will help you to get in contact with the Divine Father in you, your masculine energy. This essence will help you to: use your own masculine energy; understand the law of duality, the Yin/Yang principle of creation; get in contact with the power masculine force of the Universe; and bring knowledge of that which unites your body with the life force.

Silver Essence

Connects you to the Yin Principle

This Silver Energy will help you to get in contact with the Mother Earth in you. This essence will help you to: get in contact with your intuitive feminine energy; connect your creative spirit to the divine universal spirit; link your feminine energy to your masculine energy and make you whole; and serve all creative actions and give you a feeling of freedom.